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girdev lake history, By ( - girdev lake history) entering the road branching off to the left from Girdev Lake, Temel Village, you can reach Kıncılar Plateau, following Döğer Plateau and finally Girdev Plateau.

After entering the road allocated to Seki Town at the 74th kilometer of the Fethiye - Antalya highway, you reach Temel Village by entering the road turning right at the intersection where the apple statue of Seki Municipality is located. By entering the road turning left through Temel Village, you can reach Kıncılar Plateau, following Döğer Plateau, and finally Girdev Plateau.

Approximately 1800 m. Girdev, located at an altitude of 1800 m., is near Eren Mountain, where the new ski resort will be built. You can reach Lake Girdev with a steep and stony descent from 1800 m. The lake in question is quite shallow and is in the form of a pit surrounded by hills on all four sides, and there are large pastures around it.

In the lake, there is a slightly elevated piece of land surrounded by walls. Many house walls and foundations can be seen inside the wall. In the north and west of the lake, there are ancient stone blocks and sarcophagi, some with lion lids. The environment is extremely green and beautiful, due to the high altitude. The air is also very clean.

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